Arrival and Dismissal Routine
Our biggest challenge is drop-off and pick-up. Please be patient, all schools even with 3 lane roads, have traffic jams. We are a mini school, with a one lane road, we can do it systematically with everybody’s cooperation and we have to be patient and courteous to all.

Please follow these rules and everything will be fine:
  • Come to the temple with devotion and drive slowly near the temple.
  • Please, do not drop your children on the road.
  • If you arrive before 10:15 AM, please park your car in one of the parking lot and walk your kids to the Gandhi Bhavan.
  • If you arrive after 10:15 AM, either you can go from "Drive Through" where volunteers will assist the kids and walk them to the Gandhi Bhavan – or you can go straight and park in one of the parking lot near the Mandir and walk your kids to the Gandhi Bhavan.
  • If you park in the Gandhi Bhavan area, please be super slow and careful during dismissal. This is necessary for the safety of all children.
  • For dismissal, all children Grades K - 5 will be dismissed at the back portico of the Gandhi Bhavan, Grade 6 and up will assemble in the front of the Gandhi Bhavan.
  • Parents should not go to the Gandhi Bhavan basement or knock and enter any classrooms.
  • Early Dismissals with least disturbance should be the goal. Dismissal before 12:00 is marked absent and Arrival after 11:00 is marked absent.
  • Come to the HELP DESK for early dismissal, do not go to the classrooms. If your child is going to be anxious throughout the class that he/she is leaving early then please use your judgment.
  • Please talk to your child, that you or your car pool designee will come to pick them, they should not walk anywhere and they need to be relaxed. Please ask your children to wait at the Gandhi Bhavan and not go to the Vihar Hall.
  • Volunteers at the HELP DESK, will be present to help you with any special needs.
THANK YOU ! TOGETHER we will make a positive difference.